Overview of the "Projects" module

LogAlto allows you to visualize the different projects in your organization through the project module. 

  1. List of projects
  2. Filter or search projects
  3. Project dashboard

Consult the list of projects

To access the project module, click on Projects in the left menu. 

Once in the prject module, the list of project is displayed. Depending on your access rights, you may see different projects and you may be able to create new projects or edit existing ones. 

If this list is empty, you can create your first project by clicking the  + sign. (if your access rights allow you to create one)

Project module: List of projects (grid view) with 3 favorite projects:

Click on the list icon (next to the magnifying glass) to view the list of projects as a list (instead of project cards/thumbnails):

Project module: List of projects (list view):

Projects can be filtered or searched using the "org. unit guick filter" or the search panel.

For more detailed instructions, you can view the "Search and filter projects"  article.

Project dashboard

Each project has its own page (dashboard) containing information relevant to it. 

To access the project dashboard, go in the project list (by clicking "Project" in the main menu) and click on a project.

The project dashboard allows to view the project's main information, to attach files, to access the logframe, consult/edit activities and display charts and statistics.

The table and image below show tha various items that consitute the project page (dashboard):

Edit button (pen icon) Allows to change the project information (code, title, dates, etc.)
Project information (left) Displays general information about the project (description, dates, locations, etc.)
Top menu (project menu) Links to various sections: activities, logframe, etc.
Favorite activities List of some of the activities of the project (that you have selected as your favorite ones)
Files List of files (or links) that are attached to the project. You can upload files by clicking the "upload" button.
Dashboard Analytics reports or embedded pages. You can add charts/tables by clicking "Add report".

Right click and select "Open image in new tab" to view larger