Conditional (skip patterns)

Conditional field (skip pattern)

You can display a field only if previous fields contain specific values.

If the condition you set is "true, " the field will be displayed to users filling out the form. If not, the field will be hidden.

How to configure a field as conditional

To make a field conditional (create a skip pattern), you must:

  1. Click the pen icon next to the label of the field (the field that may or may not appear depending on a condition).
  2. Check the "Conditional" checkbox.
  3. Select another field on which the condition will be based. (Only fields that are displayed above will be available.)
  4. Depending on the field type (e.g., list vs. text vs. number), you will have different tools to choose from to set the condition.
  5. You can repeat Steps 3 and 4 to add more conditions. Conditions always apply the "AND" operator (not "OR"); this means that if you have two conditions, both must be met for the field to be displayed. 

Please note that if a field is conditional, it can't be mandatory and thus cannot be used as a display field.

Example 1: Number between A and Y

The form contains an "Age" field and an "Attended school" field.

You want to show the "Attended school" field only if "Age" has a value of "6-18."

This means the condition on the "Attended school" field is if the Age is between 5 and 19.

Example 2: Boolean

I wish to know if the beneficiary is underage, and if they are, I would like to request the parent's permission. 

The form contains an "Underage" (yes or no) field and a "Parent's permission"  (attached file) field.

I want to show the "Parent's permission" field only if the "Underage" value is "yes."

This means the condition on the "Parent's permission" field is if Underage = yes.

Condition based on a multi-select dropdown list

If the conditional field is displayed or hidden based on the selection in a multi-select dropdown list, please note the difference between "Equal" vs. "In"


The field named "What produce did you grow?" is a multi-select dropdown list with the following options: tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and eggplant.

The conditional field is the area of land used to produce tomatoes

If the condition is "in" + "tomatoes," then it will be displayed only if the selection contains tomatoes (and possibly a multi-selection including other options).

If the condition is  "Equal" + "tomatoes," then it will be displayed only if the selection is only tomatoes (and not a multi-selection including other options).