Create a table (grid)

Create a standard table

To create a standard table:

  • Click "Analytics" in the main menu (left)
  • Click the + sign
  • To create the new analytics report, you must:
    • Enter a name
    • Select a dataset
    • Select an output type (in this case: Standard table)
    • Click Save
  • A draft data visualization will be displayed
  • Configure your report:
    • Click the "Toolbox icon" to open the configuration panel
    • Configure the chart to fit your needs
    • Click "Generate" see the result
  • Click "Save" to save the report
  • If you open this table in the future, it will be updated to reflect newly added data. So if you need to keep the report that reflects the current data, you must export it.

Hide/display columns and sort the data

By clicking the "v-shaped" arrows on the headers of the columns, you can sort the data and choose which columns to hide or display.

Configuration options for tables

You can also add the following configurations by clicking on the configuration button (pencil and ruler icon):

Add a "Total" line
  • Column: Column that will be used for the total line. Only columns with numerical data can be selected.
  • Aggregate Method: sum or average.
Group data according to various fields
  • Select an option from the "Group by" drop-down list. Several sub-tables will be generated according to the various groups.
Sort the data
  • Select an option from the "Sort by" drop-down list. The data will be grouped in a single table.
Sort the data directly from the table

You can sort the data directly in the table.

  • Click on the button located in the header of the data column to sort.
  • Number columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order. 
  • Textual columns can be sorted in alphabetical order (ascending) or in reverse alphabetical order (descending). 
Apply conditional color formatting
  • Select "Add format".
  • Select the column of data to be formatted. Only columns with numerical data can be selected.
  • Select the color palette of your choice.

Apply configurations and view the result

  • Update the report by clicking on the "Generate" button.