Compare target vs actual for 1 indicator

To compare target values versus actual values for a specific indicator, you have two options. 

1. Visualizing a specific indicator's progress directly through the logframe

In this case, you need to access the logframe where the indicator is found and click on the graph icon on the right of that specific indicator. In our example, we're visualizing the graph for the Actual vs Target values for the "Number of animals rescued" indicator. 

*Right click on the image to open larger in another tab 

If your indicator is disaggregated, you can also compare the target vs actuals for each disaggregation 

*Right click on the image to open larger in another tab 

2. Create a graph through the analytics module

To visualize the progress of one or many indicators you can create a visualization through the analytics module. Through the right panel select the analytics module and click on the + sign to create a new visualization. Then simply select the data set for indicator values or indicator disaggregated values if your indicator has disaggregations. Make sure to add the filter for the indicator that you wish to visualize. 


How to visualize target vs actual values per year for 1 specific indicator

Begin by identifying which is the indicator that you wish to analyze, and make sure that you have an idea of what the values you're expecting to see are. In my example, the indicator is Number of people trained

Because I want to compare the ACTUAL vs the TARGET values for this indicator, I will select the Indicators Target vs Actual Values dataset. At first LogAlto will show all values, so you need to click on the pencil and rule icon to configure your chart. 

These are the targets that I have set for my indicator:

These are the actual values: 

This is the chart showing me the comparison between the actual values and the targets throughout the years: 

This is how to configure the chart: 

It is a sum of the value, displaying the Years in the X axis and disaggregated by Type (Target or Actual)