Quantitative indicators

You can create a quantitative indicator from the logframe module. You first must determine if you wish to add a root indicator or an indicator to a specific level (goal, outcome or output).  
Click on the + indicator button if it is a root level indicator, or on the + sign next to the level where you wish to enter your indicator. 
Enter the description (title) for your indicator. The quantitative indicator is set by default. 
You can enter a baseline value for your indicator and by default the system will take the start date of your project. If needed, you can change it by clicking on the baseline date field. 
Entering a baseline value is important as it will allow Logalto to calculate the progress in the Data Entry section. 
You can add targets by clicking on the Add Target button. You can add one or many targets. In the example below each year has a different target; the targets are added in a cumulative way. 
This means that the target for Year 1 = 100. The target for Year 2 = 200 etc. The system will calculate the variation between the years as shown in the example below. 

If you wish to enter disaggregated target values refer to:  Enter disaggregated target values