2019 March New and improved features - V20 Updates

Count, Sum or Average unique when linking indicator to records

When you have an indicator, you can link it to a form so that the system calculates the values automatically.

For example, you have the indicator “Number of people reached” and you have the form “Beneficiaries.”

You wish to have your indicator be calculated with the data in your form, and you wish to disaggregate by gender, this means that in your beneficiary form you must have information regarding the gender of your beneficiaries.

For each disaggregation that you may want in your indicator, you need to have the corresponding information in your form.

The calculation method allows you to choose whether you want to count the values (in this example one beneficiary = one record in the system)

If you had a number field in your form you could also do a sum, average or percentage.

The unicity field allows you to determine if you wish to choose a field on which to count only once. For example if you wish to count each Beneficiary only once, you could select the Individual ID as the unicity field. 

Allow to calculate values for indicators on a numeric list

In Logalto you can have different type of lists.

If for example you have a survey in which you ask your beneficiaries to determine their level of satisfaction, you could have the following list:

  • 0-      Not at all satisfied
  • 1-      Somewhat satisfied
  • 2-      Satisfied
  • 3-      Very satisfied
  • 4-      Extremely satisfied

You may then want to calculate the average level of satisfaction among your beneficiaries for the indicator: “Improvement in the level of satisfaction”

In order for LogAlto to be able to calculate the average, you need to make sure to select the option “Associate a numeric value” when you are creating the list. You will also need to select the list when you are creating your form. This will allow you to then link your form to your indicator in order to have the system pull the data from your form and calculate the corresponding level of satisfaction. 

Generate a PDF file of custom form record dashboard

When you have a record inside a custom form it is possible to select the “Print” option in order to either print out the record or generate a PDF with the information in the record.

For the time being this functionality is available for all records without file fields.

LogAlto will generate a PDF document that you’ll be able to download, the document will contain information regarding who created the document and when it was last updated. 

When changing the structure of a published custom form and mobile app has sync form, show warning

Logalto now warns users whenever a form has been synched to the mobile app, so that you are aware that changes made post-synch will not be reflected unless you connect you mobile app and synch the form again. 

Charts panel for indicators in logframe

Through the logframe or the data entry it is possible to visualize the progress of your indicators by clicking in the graph icon to the right of their name.

If your indicator is disaggregated, you’ll be able to see the progress of the values and their disaggregation’s. If your indicator is not disaggregated, you’ll be able to see its evolution through time and the evolution of the rate through time. With the export button you can easily export your graph into a PNG or JPG image.