Disaggregations at the global logframe level

When an indicator  is disaggregated at the global (country) level by any criteria other than project, then the disaggregation option will not appear at the project level. Data can be entered by the disaggregation established at the global level, but people won't see that disaggregation in the "indicator design" panel

When an indicator  is not  disaggregated at the global level, then projects can add any dissagregations that they wish to.  At the global level: you'll only see the  over all value for those indicators. But  through analytics you'll be able to see the disaggregated data, even if there are different dissagregations between the projects. 
In both cases you can still determine the baseline and target values for the indicator at the project level. 

Example of indicator with dissagregations at the Global level

Example of indicator without dissagregations at the Global level