The list of projecs is empty or incomplete (Why am I not seeing my projects?)

3 Reasons why you may not be seeing your projects:

1. You previously filtered the list

If you have used the search panel to filter projects, you must click " Clear filters" to remove the applied filters and see all the projects. 

2. You are only seeing project's within a specific country/division/sector

Project will be filtered by country or division:

  • If you have selected an item in the country/division quick filter in the top grey bar.
  • If you have selected a "Default country/division" through your user profile, the country/division quick filter in the top grey bar will automatically select this country or division.

To see other projects, simply select "All countries" or "All divisions" in that filter.

3. Your access right's have changed

Your LogAlto administrator (or someone within your organization with the rights to do so) may have changed your access. 

Validate through the user's list or with someone who has access to it to ensure that you are assigned to the correct country / division / projects.