Customize logframe wording

Customizing logframe wording

When creating a new logframe, if the feature is enabled in your account, you will see the Customize logframe levels checkbox. 

This feature allows you to customize the label that you wish to give to each "level" in your logframe tree. 

Please note that this is different than the actual wording of your logframe. 

  1. How to customize logframe wording
  2. Additional examples

How to customize logframe wording

  1. Click on the Logframes module from the left menu
  2. Click on the "+" icon next to Logframes 

  3. Check-off Customize logframe levels
  4. Change the logframe levels to your organization vocabulary or logframe project

With the wording above, this is the result that we would get: 

Additional examples

The Project Goal could also be called Objective, in that case when selecting the Customize logframe levels, we would call the first level Objective

Depending on the structure of your logframe you can also have different levels. 

A logframe example with 3 levels

  • Objective
  • Outcome 
  • Output

A logframe example with 4 levels

  • Ultimate goal
  • Goal
  • Outcome
  • Output