Configure project types (and fields for each type)

Create different project types 

Please note that the ability to configure project types must be managed in the settings panel, accessible through the configuration gear. If you do not have access to this section, please contact your system administrator.

  1. What is the purpose of creating different project types?
  2. How to create different project types?
  3. How to add fields to different project types?
  4. Example

What is the purpose of creating different project types?

The different project types allow you to modify the fields displayed in the project form depending on the type of project that is created. 

This is useful when the information that is considered relevant to a project varies depending on a project type/sector/organizational division, etc.

How to create different project types 

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right menu
  • Click on Settings to access the LogAlto Admin page

  • In the Projects section, click on the box labeled Project Types

  • Click on the "+" sign to add a new project type

  • A side panel will open as shown below:

  • Enter the name of the project type
  • Click on "Save

How to add fields to different project types

Once you have created the Projects types you wish to use, you need to go to the Project fields section to tell LogAlto which fields need to be associated to which project type. In the Settings page of LogAlto:

  • Click on the Project Fields option

  • A list of existing fields will appear. If new fields need to be added, you can consult the procedure in article How to add fields to the project creation panel
  • For each field, click on the pencil icon to tell LogAlto to which project type the field applies

  • A side panel will open
  • Click on "Project types" and select the desired project type

Example: two project types 

The organization has two project types: Research Projects and Protection Projects.

You must first need to create both types of projects, following the instructions in Step 2. 

You must then specify which fields are to be included in the project form depending on the project type (as outlined in Step 3).

The field "Research Area" applies only to "Research" projects.

The field " Practice area" applies only to "Protection" projects.

Other fields such as photo, location, etc. apply to both types of projects.

This is how the page would be displayed:

Once project types and fields have been configured via the Settings section, users will be able to choose the project type when creating a new project (the new project form will be displayed with the corresponding fields)