Retrieve App Statistics

Application Statistics

For an efficient support, LogAlto needs to get some data from your mobile device to investigate certain issues.

In the LogAlto Mobile App, you can find relevant statistics that are useful such as the number of forms, records, images, etc.

  1. How to retrieve App Statistics
  2. Share your statistics

How to retrieve App Statistics

To preview the statics on your device: 

  1. Open the side panel from the button located at top left.  
  2. Press on “Statistics” button. It will display the relevant statistics to your device.

The information displayed in the application:

  • Number of records: This number represents the Total number of the records that are on your mobile device. It contains the Drafts, final version and the synchronized records.
  • Number of records to synchronize: This number represents the number of records that are submitted but not yet synchronized with the web app. This number should always be 0 when you are connected to internet, so that the forms are synchronized with the web app.
  • Number of forms: This number represents the forms that the app user has access to. It doesn’t not necessarily mean the total number of forms available on the web app.
  • Number of geo: This number represents the number of locations that are in the forms using geographical references.
  • Number of images: This number represents the total number of images in the forms
  • Username: It is the app user email that is used to login
  • Device model, Device manufacturer and Android version: are the specification of the device that is using the mobile app.
  • App version: this is the latest LogAlto app that is released.
  • Total and Free storage and memory are device specific and are used for debugging purposes. ( divide the number by either 1 million or 1 billion if you want to obtain the number in Megabyte or Gigabyte).

Share your statistics

These statistics could also be shared to other users as a Zip file via different tools such as Email, OneDrive or Slack.

To do so, click on “Share log File” and choose the method of sharing.

For more detailed instructions, you can watch the following tutorial of Get Statistics from the Mobile App
Get Statistics from the Mobile App