Edit (modify) an indicator's actual value

If you wish to modify the actual value of your indicator, you can go to to the logframe's data entry section. To do this, click on logframe on the left menu and then select the project for which you wish to edit the indicator and select data entry. 

In the data entry tab you will see the screen divided in different tabs, depending on the frequency at which you collect data for your indicator. You can edit an indicator's value by clicking on the cell corresponding to the value that you wish to edit. 

In LogAlto there are two columns that allow you to enter data under the “Current Period”

You can either enter information for that period ( progress), or enter cumulative data.

In the example below: Number of people reached 

Indicator Baseline = 0

Progress done in 2018 = 15.  This means that throughout the year we achieved 15

Since our baseline was 0, then our overall cumulative is 15, because 0 + 15 = 15

For 2019 I have reached 40 people. The 15 people that I had reached in 2018 are added to 2019’s so I have an overall cumulative of 55 people (40+15)

Since my target for 2019 was to reach 100 people, I am only at 55% of my target. This can be seen in the Overall cumulative value, the % below the actual number.

Because my final target is 1000, my indicator rate is at 5,5%, because 55 = 5,5% of 1000. 

If your values are disaggregated and for some reason the shown total does not correspond to the sum or average of the disaggregated values, you will see the following error :

Our team will automatically be notified for a quick solution. You can also contact support@logalto.com if you have any questions.