Manage project lists

Whenever you have a specific list that you wish to create for your project, it is recommended that you create it as a project list (and not a system list). 

This will ensure that you list is specific to your project: 

  • Users from other projects will not be allowed to access/modify it 
  • It will not "clutter" the system lists which are available to all users. 

Project lists can be used, for example:

  • To create disaggregation categories for your indicators
  • To create lists that may be used in various forms related to your project.

To create a project list:

  • Click "Projects" in the main menu (left)
  • Click a project to access its dashboard
  • Click "More" in the project menu (top)
  • Click "Manage project lists"

  • All the lists for this project will be displayed
  • Click the + sign to create a new one
  • If the list needs to be available as a indicator disaggregation, check the "Usable as a disaggregation in indicators" checkbox

For each item that you create, you can associate an icon, a color, a numeric value and an abbreviation. (for more details, please refer to the "Manage system lists" article)