Attach a file to an activity

Attach a file

Attaching a file to an activity is a premium feature: it is reserved for the LogAlto Configured and LogAlto+ plans. If you are currently using the Free trial or LogAlto complete plan and wish to get access to Premium features, please contact us at

To upload a file and attach it to an activity, you must go to the activity dashboard.

  • Click on "Projects" in the left menu
  • Click on the project of your activity
  • Click "Activities" in the project menu
  • Click the activity
  • From there click "Upload" under the File section.
  • A pop up will open and you will have 2 options:

Add a link: This is useful if you need to share a website or if the file is stored on an online platform such as Dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Docs, etc. Enter the label (name) and enter the URL (link) of the file or website. Make sure that you respect the designated URL format, starting with https://

Select a file: you can select a file directly from your computer and upload it into the system. The file will be stored in LogAlto and you will be able to access it anytime you access the system.