Import data to forms with Excel

Import form records from Excel

Click here for the video tutorial.

Please note that you must to design and publish your form before importing your data. For more detailed instructions on how to create a new form, you can view this video tutorial or read the "Configure form fields" article.

Data can be added to a form by:

  • Adding records using the "+ Add Record" button,
  • Importing data from an Excel file,
  • Sharing a URL link to the form (e.g., online survey)
  • Through the mobile app.

This article explains how to import data using an Excel file, allowing users to import existing data and work offline.

A few steps are required to import data from Excel: 1) You must generate an Excel template via LogAlto, 2) populate it with data, 3) import the populated template, 4) and, if required, fix any errors signalled by LogAlto and re-import the corrected version. But don't worry; all of these steps are detailed below!

  1. Generate a template
  2. Add data to the generated template
  3. Import the Excel file
  4. Notifications
  5. Review errors

Generate a template

To generate the template file:

  • Click "Import." 
  • Click "Generate template." 
  • If the form contains a Location field, you will be asked to select which locations to show in the « Location » column of the Excel file.
  • Click "Download". 

Below is an example of a generated Excel template

Adding data to the generated template

Once you have generated and downloaded the template, you can open this Excel file and copy-paste data from your source file to the template file.

Since the import is an automated process, there are some essential aspects to consider to allow LogAlto to "understand" the data and import it successfully.

General advice:

  • If you modify the form (in "Design" mode), generate the template again, so the template always reflects the most recent version.
  • If you copy-paste data, use the “values only” copy-pasting mode to ensure you do not copy formulas from your source file.

Advice per type of field:

Types Tips Examples
Yes-No Accepted values: Yes, No...True, False... 1, 0 False/No/0 will be imported as a "No"
Everything else will be imported as a "Yes"
Lists Must match the available options in LogAlto.
For numbered lists, there can be the entire item's title OR the number.
For instance, if you have Male and Female in your LogAlto form, but you have Man and Woman in your source form, the import will fail.
Multi-select Lists Options must be separated with a semicolon ";" Correct: Apples;Oranges;Bananas
Incorrect: Apples, Oranges, Bananas
Coordinates Must be entered in the same column. (lat, long) If you have the latitude in one column and longitude in a separate column, they should be merged into one.
Our support staff is happy to help with it if needed.
Locations Must match the available options in LogAlto.
Dates Allowed formats:   
2020-12-06 will be considered as December 6th 
12-06-2020 will be considered as June 12th
Display fields Values for display fields should not contain “;” Example "abc ; def" will produce an error (if it is a display field)

Import the file

Once you have copy-pasted (or entered) the data, go to your form on LogAlto and:

  • Click "Import". 
  • Click "Import template". 

When the import is successful, LogAlto will display "Importation was successful'. Click the "Refresh" icon to display the imported data.

When the import is not successful, LogAlto will display "Error while importing".


You will receive a notification letting you know if the import was successful or if there was errors that need to be corrected.

If the import is successful, you can click the notification to access the form with the newly imported data.

If there are errors, you can click the notification to download an Excel document where the errors will be highlighted.

Correcting errors

If there are errors during the import, you can click the notification to download an Excel document where the errors will be highlighted.

After downloading the file, correct each highlighted cell and re-import the file in LogAlto.

Tips: To help find notes, you can convert them to comments. Folow these steps

  1. In the menu bar, go to Review > Comments > Convert to comments
  2. In the Comments section, click on Show comments

This will show you where the error is.

If you have a field in your form that is of the type FILE and it is MANDATORY, you will not be able to use the import feature.