Export table to Excel (download)

Here are the steps too export your data into Excel or CSV format.

  • Go to the Analytics module ("Analytics" in the main (left) menu)
  • Open the dataset you wish to export by selecting an existing table or by creating a new standard table
  • Make sure to show the columns you want to see in the exported file
  • In the top right menu, click the  Export button 
  • A window will pop-up.

Export window

You can choose to export the file in Excel format, which is pre-formatted, or in CSV format. The latter will export a .csv file containing plain text that can be latter formatted. The CSV format is a lighter download and may be recommended for large tables (thousands of rows).

If you are exporting data from a custom form, you can choose to match column headings to fields labels or codes.

Label and code
  • Click on Export to to start the process.

Note: If your form dataset contains more than 1000 records, you will receive a message upon loading that only the first 1000 records are displayed. However, when you export your file, it will contain your entire dataset.