LogAlto menus

To navigate in LogAlto you must use the three main menus.

User’s menu on the topmost right

The user menu allows you to do the following:

  •        Access your user profile
  •        Check your notifications
  •        Access the administrative menu (settings!). This is limited by access rights.
  •        Access Helpscout and the Knowledge library
  •        Safely log out of LogAlto

Left menu

The left menu allows you to navigate to the different “modules” of LogAlto. Think of a module as a section or component.  

Top menu

The topical menu, or top menu for short, is the menu that will change according to where you are in LogAlto (module, sub-section, etc.) and according to your user rights. When you are inside the Project, we call this the Project Menu, if inside a Custom form, it will be the Custom forms menu. It will always be located under the user menu.