Add a new user

  Adding a new user

To use LogAlto, each person must have a unique account linked to their email. Users are then given profiles that determine their rights and priviliges on the platform.

  1. User Profile
  2. Adding a User
  3. Access Types
  4. Responsibilities

User Profile

To add a new user to LogAlto, your user profile must enable you to add users .

To check if you may add users, click on the Settings wheel in the top right menu, then click on the Users option.

If you do not have the option, that means you do not have user creation privileges.

If you do not have user creation capabilities, seek the platform administrator to create new users.

Adding a User

To add a user click on the + sign next to Users

The creation of a user requires the following information :

 This is the email account that will be used to access LogAlto. It is also the account that will receive notifications.
 Identifies the user.
 Password used to access LogAlto. You can check the option to force the user to change his password after the first time logging in.

The following options are also accessible :

  • Reset password at next login
  • Receive email notifications : If checked, notifications will be sent to the user's email.
  • Filtering preferences : This will apply a default in certain modules based on your platform's configuration. For example if the filtering preferences are set to a Program or Office, only projects under the program or offices will be shown by default. The user will have to manually remove the filter to view other projects.

It is recommended that you ask to reset the password after the first login for ease of use.

Access Types

In the top right corner you have the option to give the user access to All features or just Data collection

All features: It gives the user access to the different features in the system, the responsibilities will change depending on his user role. 

Data collection: this user will only be able to use the mobile app for data collection. 

Note: The number of Data Collectors is unlimited, however, the number of users is limited based on the LogAlto plan purchased.  


As mentioned previously, users have different functionalities based on the responsibilities they are given. 

Example: An Administrator profile can create, edit or delete projects. Meanwhile a Board Member profile can only view/edit logframes

To assign responsibilities, click on the '+' sign next to "Responsibilities" and choose your Profile from the drop down menu.

To preview the functionalities that a profile has, simply choose it and read the list as shown below

Once you confirm your user responsibility you can save the profile. 

The new user will receive a confirmation email to sign in. 

For more detailed instructions, you can watch the tutorial Create a new user that goes through an example of adding a user. 
Create a new user