Add a new user

To add a new user into LogAlto, first you need to make sure that your user role allows you to add users. 

Normally it is a functionality reserved to system administrators. 

To add a new user to the system, click on the Configuration wheel and select the user option.

Then click on the + sign

You will need to fill out certain information such as the user's email and Full name as well as assign the user a temporary password. 

You will then need to specify which should be the user's role and their responsibilities. This will change depending on how your account is set up. 

Access Types: 

All features: this gives the user access to the different features in the system, his responsibilities will change depending on his user role. 

Data collection: this user will only be able to use the mobile app for data collection 


Make sure to click on the "Edit" option (bottom right) in order to assign the user to their project. 

If project restrictions are in place for your account, this is where you will determine which project the user can see.