Logframe level fields

Some features in this module are reserved for the LogAlto Configured and LogAlto+ plans

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For an overview of what you can do in Logalto's administrative settings, go to the section's overview article.

A wide range of logframe formats exist, varying between donors and organisations - as such, there is no standardized template. This is why LogAlto allows you to customize the framework to your organization's own standards.

Field types

This feature works just like Project fields. Please go the article for a detailed description of field types.

Field options

Once you drag and drop a field type into the field area of the screen, you will be automatically prompted to enter the fields options. The only mandatory field is its label. The other option common to all field types are:

Visible Users will be able to see the field and its information in the Logframe module. If this unchecked, the field will be hidden to all users, but can still be filled using the API
Read-only If the field is visible, it can be set to "Read-only", meaning it will be seen by users and they will not be able to change it. 
Displayed in logframe When viewing the logframe, this field will be displayed as a column. 
Available in the indicator library
This field is also available when creating indicators in the indicator library.
Importable When importing indicators in logframes, this field is available in the import template.