Create an objective (goal, outcome, output...)

First make sure that you have created the global logframe (if applicable) and the project logframe. 

Check how to create a project logframe here: Create a logframe

Add goals

Once you're in your project's logframe, in order to add a new goal:

  • Click on the  + Goal button.
  • Enter the description for your goal .
  • Click on Save. 

You can add several different goals. 

Add outcomes

Below each goal you can add outcomes:

  • Click on the + sign to the right of the "parent" goal to add an outcome to that goal. 
  • Enter the description of your outcome 
  • Click on Save. 

Add outputs

For the outputs the same logic applies:

  • Click on the + sign to the right of the "parent" outcome where you want to enter your output. 
  • Enter the description 
  • Click on save. 

It is possible to import the logframe with an excel document. For more details visit: Import logframe from Excel