Edit activity milestones/indicator

Add Milestones or Completion indicators to your activities

You can track the progress of your activities in different ways:

These will allow you to visualize the implementation rate of your activity. 

When creating your activity, you will see an option for "Implementation measure." You can choose between any of these methods.


When you select milestones, you will have the possibility of setting each milestone with the following information : 

  • Description (or label) 
  • Completion rate (weight) 
  • Date (planned due date for completion) 

Values should be entered cumulatively; each stage (or milestone) should include the one before. 

To specify which milestones are achieved:

  • In the "Milestones" section, click "Achieve."
  • A window opens, allowing you to specify the date of achievement. By default: today
  • Enter the date on which the milestone was achieved. Click "Save"
  • The actual date for this milestone is displayed in the grid. The rate of the activity is updated.

Note that milestones can now be added to sub-activities

Completion indicator

To add actual indicator values:

  •          Click “Add actual value” in the “Indicator” section.
  •          A window opens, allowing you to enter an actual value for the activity’s indicator.
  •          Enter a date (the date of observation for this actual value)
  •          Enter the current value (number). The validity of the date is verified. The new row is displayed in the actual values grid. The RATE of the activity is updated.