Create a radar chart

It is possible to create a radar chart when you have information that is multivariate and that needs to be presented in a way to show how the different dimensions compare to each other. 

You can create a radar chart to show different information, for example, if you wish to compare the age groups of your beneficiaries by location. 

Example: Creating a radar chart of your beneficiaries average age and country of origin 

In order to create this graph, you can go to the Analytics module and click on the + sign in order to create a new analytics. This example presupposes that you have a Beneficiary form where you collect information concerning your beneficiary, their age, and country of origin. 

Name: The system will ask you to set a Name for your new graph, type in the name you want, for example, it could be: Beneficiaries by age group and country 

Dataset: Here is where you tell the system where to look for the information that you want to display. In this example, we will select the "Beneficiaries" form because we want to show the information regarding our beneficiaries

Output type: Through this field, you can select how you want to display the chart. We will select a Radar Chart. 

Below you see how we configured the chart for this example. In the Calculation method, we selected "Average" on the field Age (at enrollment) 

For the Axes, we choose the Country and for the coloring the Age group at enrollment, then we added a filter on the age groups that we wanted to analyze.