Sync forms (from web app to mobile app)

Sync Forms - Web App to Mobile App

With the Mobile App, you can access the forms created on the web platform to use them offline (mostly for data collection). 

Before you can access the forms on your mobile app, you would need to sync them with the host web app.


Before syncing the forms, you must ensure the following: 

  • The forms are up to date
  • The forms are published
  • The forms are shared with the users using the mobile app
  • Internet connection to download the from the cloud

Note: You only need an internet connection for the first time to download the forms. You can use the app offline after.

How to sync forms

Once you login into the app, you should be on the Custom Forms page as shown below: 

If the forms are not modified on the web app, then you can directly access the required form. 

If you do not see your form or the form is modified on the web app, click on the syncing icon in the top right corner:

The process would take a few seconds and your forms should be synchronized with the web app version. 

Tip 1: If you are not successful to retrieve your forms, please consider asking your platform administrator to share the forms with you (click here for more info).

Tip 2: For first-time use, make sure you are connected to the internet to retrieve the forms from the cloud.