Share a form with colleagues

You can give access to your forms to other LogAlto users.

Depending on the access that you give them (explained below), these users will be able to either only see the records, or add records to the form. 

In order to share a form, you must have access to the form. 

  • Click on the custom form you wish to share with other users. You can only share forms that are Private, you have created or to which you have Administrator access
  • If your form is ‘Published’, then the ‘Share’ button will appear on the menu at the top right corner of the form
  • Click on the ‘Share button’. A share custom form panel will appear
  • Select the the method of sharing you want to execute for this form
  • Use the dropdown list to select your options.
  • Click ‘ok’

Note: If a form does not have a Project field, then the system will not be able to filter viewing depending on "Own org. unit" for Collaborator and Reviewer. Instead they will be able to view all records, and for the Reviewer to edit or delete all records. 

It is possible to share forms not only with specific users but also with specific projects, country offices (branches) or specific user profiles.

Note: In order to determine which access to give, the system will go from the smallest unit (the first option: Users) to the largest unit (the last option: Profiles) So if a user has Collaborator access given to his specific user access, but Administrator access is given to his type of user profile, then this user will have Collaborator access as it is the one the system will take into consideration.

Administrator rights:

The person or group of people you share the form with will be able to make edits to the design of the form, share the form with other users, edit the form and add records to the form.

Reviewer rights:

Users who are reviewers are able to mark a record as “reviewed”. Once a record is marked as reviewed it can no longer be edited. A reviewer or an administrator of the form can reset the record back to draft if changes need to be made.

Collaborator rights:

This sharing setting allows the user to add records to the form, edit the records that they have added and delete them as well. However, they will not be able to make any changes to the form’s structure nor share the form.

Data Collector:

This profile allows you to grant access to users who can see only their own records in the system and thus only modify or make changes to their own records. 

Guest rights:

The user can view the records but can’t add nor make any edits to them.