Create a form or survey

Create a form or survey

  1. First steps
  2. Add and configure fields
  3. Field types
  4. Save and publish the form

First steps: Name your form, label the records and set tags!

In the main menu (left), click Custom Forms. You will access the list of forms. 

Click the " +" button to create your form.

This will open the Form creation panel:

  • Name your form with a title.
  • Give your form a description.
  • Pick or create tags to help group, sort and filter your forms.
  • Label the records of your form.

Note that the "record labels": 1)"singular" and 2) "plural" fields are optional. Filling them will simply rename the label "records." 

For instance, if you name it "Responses" when going to your form, you will see the "Responses" tab or know that you have "83 responses"....instead of the "Records" tab and "83 records".

Once you save, you will be redirected to the form design page. 

At first, you will see the panel to rename the first section of your form. (You don't need to edit this right; you can skip this step and change it later.) 

Add and configure fields

You can then "drag-and-drop" various fields, like Number, Text, Date fields, etc., from the left to the right to create your survey or form. 

For each field, you can enter the label (name) of the field where it says "Field name."

To configure a field, click the pen icon next to the field's name. This will allow you to:

  • Specify if the field is mandatory.
  • Specify if the field is confidential.
  • Specify if the field must be used as a unique component.
  • If it is a list: specify the items in the list, or if the user can select multiple items.
  • If it is a text, specify the maximum length.
  • Etc.

You can view this video tutorial or read the Configure form fields article for more detailed instructions.

Field types

Various fields can be added:

Text Standard text field. Allows to enter numbers, letters and symbols. 
Projects List allowing to select a project (or multiple projects).
Activities List allowing to select an activity (or multiple activities).
System and projects lists List that already exist as a sytem list or project list as they are used in many projects or used to disaggregate indicators.
(example: Gender, Age groups, etc.)
Custom forms List allowing to select a record in another form (or multiple records).
Custom options List allowing to select one or many options. You can edit the available options in the configuration panel.
Date Allows to enter dates in the YY-MM-DD format.
Number Allows to enter numerical values. Numbers will be formatted with a separator for thousands.
Example: 1,234,567.
Unformatted Number Allows to enter numerical values that will not be formatted.
This is useful when you want to enter values that would not be used in calculations, like for example a phone number.
Example: 123456.
Yes/No Allows to add a Yes/No or True/False radio button.
Location Allows to select a location. 
File Allows to upload a picture or file. Click here to know which file types are supported.
Lattitude / Longitude Allows to enter coordinates: latitude and longitude.
(longitude must be between -179 and 179, and latitude between -89 and 89.)
Link Allows to enter a URL. Please note that URLs must include the "http://"  

Save and publish the form

When editing your form you have three options:

  1. Save: this allows you to save the form to continue designing it later.
  2. Save & Preview: saves the form and opens the preview to see what the form will look like when creating a record.
  3. Publish: saves the form and allows to add records. (this can only be done if at least one field was configured as a "Display field")