Create an activity

Create an activity

Steps to create an activity:

  • Click 'Project' in the main menu (left).
  • You can just click on the project you want to create the activity.
  • Click 'Activities' in the project menu. The list of activities will be displayed.
  • Click the '+' button. The activity creation panel will be displayed.
  • Enter at least all the mandatory fields.
  • Click 'Save'.

Note: If you wish to link your activity to your logframe, you must first create the logframe. Please refer to the Create a project logframe section. 

Fields of the activity form

  • Code: Allows you to organize your activities and sort them easily
  • Description: Title of your activity. 
  • Dates: Automatically populated with your project's start and end date, but you can modify the dates as needed. Please note that you can’t have activities that start before or end after your project has finished. If there are gaps in your timeline, you can enter the first set of dates and click the Add Dates option to add further dates. 
  • Locations: You can select one or many locations to determine where your activity will occur. This is especially important if you would like to create a map showing where your activities are located.
  • Coordinates: You can set the specific coordinates for where your activity will occur. This will also allow you to map your activities through the analytics module. 
  • Other activity fields depend on which type of LogAlto license you are using (a trial or SaaS licence, LogAlto configured or + with custom activity fields...). Some of these fields are dropdown lists which can be edited. If items are missing from the list, you can add more through the Manage System Lists section.