2021 July - New and improved features - V24.3

LogAlto New and improved features - July 2021

The following new features have been released as part of our V24.36.0: 

  1. Set milestones to sub-activities
  2. Easily change the activity status
  3. More activity statuses
  4. Filter activities by year

Add milestones to sub-activities

When creating an activity several options are proposed to allow you to track its progress. You can:

You can now add milestones to your sub-activities! 

To do so: When creating a sub-activity, you click on the new "milestones" flag icon.

A window will pop up allowing you to set up milestones.

The " Completion" field allow to use milestones to calculate the progress towards the completion of the activity. So ideally, the implementation rate of the activity should be 100% when all milestones are achieved.

From the activity dashboard, you can now see the sub-activity's milestones by clicking on the "+" button next to its name.

From there, you can mark a milestone as achieved like you would normally do.

Note that the completion rate is calculated by the % of the milestone x the sub-activity's weight. So in this example 25% of a sub-activty weighted at 14 out of 28 = 12.5% activity completion rate (13% rounded up).

Easily change the activity status

You can now easily change the activity status via the activity dashboard.

Simply click on the pen icon next to the activity's status (upper left corner) and select a new status from the dropdown list.

More activity statuses

Two new statuses can be used for activities: In addition to Not started, Paused, Ongoing and Completed, LogAlto now allows to set an activity as Cancelled or Partly completed.

Filter activities by year

In the  "Activities listinterface, in addition to the search panel, there is a "Quick filter" allowing you to filter activities by year.

  • At the top of the list, on the right, you will see "All activities".

  • Click "All activities". A dropdown list with all the years within the project's start date and end date will be displayed.
  • Select (click) a year.
  • The activities below will be filtered.