OVERVIEW: Analytics

The Analytics module allows users to create their own reports and data visualizations based on a Theme (dataset).

Users can create:

Standard and Pivot table
Bar charts ( vertical or horizontal, grouped or not)
Stacked charts (vertical or horizontal)
Pie charts
Line charts
Distribution and location maps
Radar charts
Icon charts

Users can apply filters, hide columns, add conditional formatting, display totals, choose the series and measures (for charts), etc. Each different graph will have specific options to choose from which will allow you to obtain the desired result.

Users can export charts to JPEG or PNG format, and can export grids to Excel format.

Users can save the report for later use or can display it on their dashboard.

In order to create an analytics, you can go to the Analytics module and click on the + sign in order to create a new analytics. 

A side panel will open and you will need to choose three fields: 

Name: The system will ask you to set a Name for your new graph, type in the name you want, for example if could be: List of active projects

Dataset: Here is where you tell the system where to look for the information that you want to display. It can be in your projects, activities, indicators or forms.  

Output type: Through this field you can select which format of chart you want to create.