Edit an activity

You can edit your activity by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name of the activity when you're in the Activities list 

To access your activity dashboard, click on the name of your activity through the activity list.

This is the activity dashboard: 

How to configure indicator targets or milestones for your activities:  

Implementation tracking measure : Indicator

Click here for information on setting indicators.

Let’s say my activity is “Financial literacy trainings” and we plan on doing 10 trainings.

Then, if we have already finished 5 out of the 10 trainings, my activity’s completion rate will be 50% 

This indicator is the indicator of progress of my activity and should not be mistaken with an indicator for the project. 

The data needs to be numerical and in a growing chronological order: i.e: as time passes, my activity will be closer to completion so it will be closer to 100%.

Implementation tracking measure : Milestones

Click here for information on setting milestones.

Let’s say my activity is “Creation of a hygiene committee”. This necessitates 3 sub-activities or milestones. Here is how we could configure the activity:

Change the rate of the activity using the implementation measure 

(either milestone or indicator when applicable)

If the activity’s implementation measure = indicator

To add actual indicator values:

  • Click “Add actual value”, in the “Indicator” section 
  • A window opens, allowing to enter an actual value for the activity indicator
  • Enter a date (the date of observation for this actual value)
  • Enter the actual value (number). The validity of the date is verified. The new row is displayed in the actual values grid. The RATE of the activity is updated.

If the activity’s implementation measure =milestones

To specify which milestones are achieved:

  • In the “Milestones” section, click “Achieve”
  • A window opens, allowing to specify the date of achievement. By default: today
  • Enter the date on which the milestone was achieved. Click “Save”
  • The actual date for this milestone is displayed in the grid. The RATE of the activity is updated

Upload a file or insert a link for your activity 

  • Click “Upload”, in the “Files” section, select your file
  • You can upload several files at the same time
  • Click “Upload”.
  • In this section, you can also add a link. Select the title you want to give to your link. Note that the URL must be in the format http://www.example.com

Tags for files

For fast searching as well as to improve file management, it is possible to add tags to a file you are uploading to LogAlto.

To add a tag to a file you’ve just uploaded:

  • Click on the ‘Tag’ icon
  • The tag configuration panel will display
  • Click on ‘Add Tag’
  • Enter keyword
  • Select preferred tag color
  • Click ‘ok’ to save
  • To delete a tag, simply click on the trash icon next to the tag

Plan or edit an activity workplan

  • Open the activity dashboard
  • Click “Edit”, in the work plan /Gantt section of your activity
  • Select “Planned dates” or “Actual dates”.
  • Panel opens allowing to edit start and end dates
  • Edit a pair of dates by modifying their values
  • Delete a pair of dates by clicking the trash can icon next to it
  • Add a new pair of dates by clicking “Add dates.”
  • Click “Save”
  • The validity of the dates is verified (should not overlap and should be in the project’s start and end dates).    
  • The Gantt chart is updated.

Change the status of the activity

Once the project is started and validated,

  • Open the activity dashboard,
  • Use the “Start activity” button displayed under the workplan table to change the status of the activity to “Ongoing”.
  • Activities can also be paused
  • Note that once an activity has been marked as Completed it can’t be reopened.