Edit an activity

Edit an activity

You can edit your activity by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name of the activity when you're in the Activities list. 

You can also do it from your activity dashboard. To do so, click on the activity name in the activity list. A pen icon will be in the top left corner for you to edit your activity. The edit panel is the same one you get when creating an activity.

Plan an activity or change the work plan for an activity

From your activity's dashboard:

  • Click on the pencil icon in the work plan or Gantt chart portion of the activity;
  • Select “planned” or “actual” dates;
  • Enter the start and end dates in the work plan editing panel;
  • Change the dates by entering a new value;
  • Delete a pair of dates by clicking on the corresponding trash can icon;
  • Add new dates by pressing the “Add Dates” button;
  • Save. The Gantt chart will be updated.

The validity of the dates is checked: the dates should not overlap and should be included in the project’s start and end dates.

Change the status of the activity

Once the project has started:

  • Open the activity dashboard;
  • Use the "Start Activity" button in the portion under the activity name to change the status to "In Progress."
  • Activities can also be paused.

Add components for activities

This is only for the SaaS versions of LogAlto.

Depending on the configuration of your platform, it is possible to see the "Components" option when you enter the various information about your activity. 

These classifications are specific to the current project and may include certain activities. Once these components are created, they can be used as categories for defining your budget.