Create an indicator

Creating an indicator

To create an indicator you need first to have a logframe.

Logframe design menu and options

The image below shows the main actions that can be done in the logframe design page:

  • Add a goal/first analytics level (from the top menu)
  • Add an outcome or output / 2nd or 3rd analytical levels (from the + button next to each item)
  • Add a "root" indicator  - an indicator that is not placed under any item (from the top menu)
  • Add an indicator under a goal, outcome, output (from the + button next to each item)

Add indicators under a goal, outome, output, etc.

If you wish to add the indicators directly in the corresponding level, click on the + icon next to where you wish to add the indicator and select the indicator option.

Add indicators at "root" level (not under another item)

You can add a "root" indicator by clicking on the   + Indicator button.

Indicators added with the add indicator button in the top right corner will be added as “Root” indicators, IE: not linked to any goal, outcome or output. 

You can always drag and drop root indicators to their corresponding level if needed.

Various types of indicators and advanced options

In LogAlto, you can manage different types of indicators:

You can also:

See how to edit an indicator to get more information on indicator information fields.