Edit an indicator

Edit an indicator

To edit an indicator you must first access the logframe where the indicator is located. 

To the right of the indicator you will see a pencil icon, you can click on the pencil icon to edit the Description of the indicator, the baseline and target values and the applicable disaggregations. 

Make sure you know how to create an indicator first.

  1. Indicator information fields
  2. Error while editing an indicator
  3. Switching Indicator Type

Indicator information fields

Description This is the name/label of the indicator
Type Indicators can be qualitative or quantitative. Quantitative indicators can also have the following sub-types :
- Numerator / Denominator : Set the numerator and denominator value to calculate the percentage automatically
- Percentage : This indicator sets the data entry input for cumulative only and the relationship between progress an cumulative values as independent.
Data entry input Restrict if users can enter the data  under the progress column (data for the period), under the cumulative column (latest cumulated data), or both.
Relationship between progress and cumulative values This defines how the progress and cumulative values are automatically calculated. The relationship can either be dependent, independent, or identical (same). 
Baseline value A baseline is the value of an indicator before or at the beginning of the implementation of projects or activities. Indicator may only have one baseline value (but it can be disaggregated).
Baseline date The baseline date is the date at which the baseline value has been taken. By default it is set at the start of the project.
Target value A target is the specific, planned level of result to be achieved within an explicit timeframe. There can be multiple target values set at different dates.
Measuring unit Select the unit of measurement of the indicator. This is optional.
Frequency Set the frequency of the data entry. This will determine the time periods for that indicator and will have an impact on what can be entered in the project documents.
Assignee Tag a user to the indicator. This will notify viewers of who is responsible for this indicator in LogAlto.

Error while editing an indicator

If you have already entered values for the indicator, certain fields will not be editable. For example, this is the case for the Frequency. Should you need to edit the frequency you will need to follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Data entry
  2. Click on the history icon for the indicator you wish to edit (the little clock icon) 
  3. Delete all of the pre-existing values. If you're going to need to re-enter these values make sure that you write them down before deleting as there is no undo to this action. 
  4. Go back to Logframe design 
  5. Click on the pencil icon for the indicator that you wanted to edit
  6. You should now be able to edit the Frequency
  7. If you're still not able to edit the Frequency: check to see if you have baseline or target values
  8. Delete these values
  9. Save your indicator
  10. Refresh the page
  11. Now you should definitely be able to edit the frequency.

If you want to edit the actual values of your indicator please refer to: Edit (modify) an indicator's actual value

If you wish to edit the link between an indicator and a form, please refer to: Link indicator to form (auto update based on form data)

Switching indicator type

If a user has already chosen the type of indicator that includes a target value, it is possible to switch the type of indicator while maintaining the meaning of the target value. 

Below shows an example of switching between Quantitive and Qualitative indicator

Note: If there is not a target value defined, the value "100" will be added automatically as a target